A Dirt Bikes ignition or ECU is a crucial component of any dirt bike's performance characteristics. The ECU is the brains in the bike, being the computer that controls the ignition timing, fuel mapping and phasing, and more. Ignitions can be tuned or replaced with aftermarket systems to alter the EFI (electronic fuel injection) as the timing characteristics to enhance performance throughout the entire rev range and torque curve of any dirt bike. All of these changes can be made not only for genuine performance upgrades but for rider comfort and responsiveness of the machine.

Replacing an OEM is fairly easy and usually requires only a few plugs to be changed. We offer a range of CDI ignition (capacitor discharge ignition) styles as well as a range of separate control units for a range of KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha or Suzuki model motocross and enduro machines. Offroad racing is super competitive and a new ignition coil and ignition control unit can be the difference between a holeshot and a mid-pack race start. Many of these high-performance ECU computer ignition modules are pre dyno tuned and need no extra motorbike parts for the extra power delivery you are chasing.

Race teams in the United States use these CDI units such as the GET EVO ignition combo's available for many of the offroad race bikes. All of which is tunable and customisable. GET offer a handlebar map switch so you can change the dirt bikes characteristics with the flip of a switch while you are out on the track or trails.

With a simple plug-in device you can't go wrong! We highly recommend you check out the range of CDI Modules for your new CRF-450R or FC-250F and chase those extra power gains!