Dirt Bike intake exhaust valves are a super important mechanical part of the engine. Some 4 stroke engines have a quad valve arrangement inside the cylinder head which helps with the cam chain tensioner to create a great power output. ATV dirt bikes, Pit dirt bikes, and standard motocross and enduro racing machines all have an engine head intake exhaust valve. These engine parts open and close at a super-fast rate and work in with the exhaust system to disperse the fumes created after the carburetor lets fuel into the moto cylinder head. The intake manifold and valve springs on the dirt bikes generally don't need replacing and hold their own. Manufacturer part numbers for these products are different from the brands we offer such as Vertex and Wiseco.

We hold stock of many intake and exhaust valve kits and single stainless steel and titanium valves for the popular models of KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki. The valve seat, valve oil seal gaskets, and stem seals that the brand new aftermarket intake valve sits in will offer supreme fitment that is on par with the OEM engine parts that were replaced. Based on customer reviews we have had nothing but good feedback regarding these high-quality products and only offer the best!