Dirt Bike clutches are a vital component to the engine that offer traction, grip, and benefits to your riding ability if used correctly. Clutch springs and clutch plates are one of the most common sections inside the clutch mechanism that wear out and cause friction inside the unit. Motocross bikes run at increased temperatures compared to road bikes which have the benefit of air cooling due to the faster speeds. Aftermarket dirt bike clutch kits include clutch baskets, brand new clutch springs, and plates to accommodate the racers' needs!

Replacing your OEM clutch springs is simple, with a single bolt holding each individual unit in place. Spring tension is very important and the wrong tension can ruin gaskets and even cause slippage between the pressure plates/friction plates. Heavy-duty clutch springs are available from Hinson, Newfren, Pro Circuit, and Wiseco to offer the best products on the market.

To disengage the clutch, the exterior engine casing has multiple bolts to undo the clutch case. Laying the dirt bike on the side with the clutch cover facing upwards is the best way to get in and check out the drive plates and add the new aftermarket centrifugal clutch. We hold stock of KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha models!