Dirt bike clutch kits are one of the parts on the motorcycle that you do not want to break when you are out at the race track. The dirt bike clutch is used to engage the selected gear and effectively transfer the torque of the engine and provide the motion to get you moving. Race starts can be either done effectively to get the holeshot or poorly performed to fall behind the rest of the pack, all based on the rider’s effective clutch control.

We offer a range of clutch plates, clutch baskets, clutch hubs, and clutch springs to upgrade from your OEM setup on either your KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, or Suzuki machine! With leading world-class brands such as Hinson, Rekluse, Wiseco, and more to choose from, we have options for most modern dirt bikes. Motocross bikes tend to be fairly durable in the past decade and generally the clutch inner hub and clutch spring kit from factory manufacturers are reasonably good. However, if you are a racer and chasing the best drive plates and off-road moto gear for your machine, we highly recommend you check out these amazing products.

Hinson, Rekluse, and Wiseco all offer OEM parts replacements/upgrades and are used in factory racing teams around the world, These products are durable and extremely high quality. Providing nothing but the best for customers and the riding gear for their dirt bikes. Rekluse offers the Core EXP 3.0 torq drive clutch pack, renowned for its increased feel cooler temperatures, this product is very popular. The range of pressure plates/friction plates and aftermarket clutch covers and gaskets can be used with the OEM clutch if you were chasing a small upgrade and some extra cool looks. However, if you really want to flex on the rest of the crew, the complete clutch kit is hard to put back on the shelf once you have had a good look!