Dirt bikes require a significant amount of time to keep maintenance at a high standard. Each time you head to the track or come home from a weekend of riding your bike is either prepared for riding or washed/fixed for riding.

Dirt bike axle bolts are an extremely important piece of the puzzle, holding the entire wheel onto either the swingarm or the fork legs. Axle bolts should be very firm when tampered with and checked regularly in between riding, as this part not being fitted correctly can cause significant damage to the machine or worse, the rider. Having the rear axle bolt tight ensures your chain adjuster bolts are secured and failsafe, as well as ensuring your disc remains aligned with either caliper and sprocket with the chain stays correct. Keeping the rear wheel mounted firmly to the dirt bike is extremely important for keeping the wheel axle, washers and spacers in perfect sync.

Depending on the brand of motorcycle, the thread size and hex size of the front axle bolt and rear axle nut will differ from OEM, Whether you own a KTM, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda or Suzuki motorbike we offer a range of options to suit a diverse field of machinery. For additional information regarding the size of your axle bolt, checkout your workshop manual to find exact measurements. The workshop manual will be the most accurate way to find parts correctly for OEM spec. We also use the bike finder tool on the website to filter bike parts specific for your machine. Be sure to checkout the range of chain, sprockets, discs and axle blocks to accommodate your machine and add to the wish list!