Dirt Bike Cargo Nets/Wheel Chocks/Bindings

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There are a number of products which will make life easier when you are trying to secure the precious cargo which is your dirt bike into the back of your transporter. These products are Cargo Nets/Wheel Chocks/Bindings basically anything which will keep your steed and your gear fastened down while on road trips instead of having it fly through the air and become lodged in a B-Double trucks bull bar!

It is Australian legislation now to use cargo nets for all open canopy utes and trailers so on top of keeping your gear safe you will also avoid an eventual encounter with the law also!

MXstore carries a massive range of Cargo Nets/Wheel Chocks/Bindings available online in Australia to suit just about any situation. Whatever you need to keep tied down, we will have the product to do it properly!

If you have any enquiries about Cargo Nets/Wheel Chocks/Bindings don’t hesitate to contact the friendly customer service team at MXstore who will gladly assist you further!