Winderosa provides top end gasket kits for a large variety of dirt bikes around the world. Top-end gasket sets are high up on the wishlist of factory teams in the United States and around Europe to keep their factory engines up to scratch. Winderosa top end gasket kits provide the required oil seals, O-rings, piston replacements top gasket, OEM exhaust gasket rebuild kit/replacement, upper-end gaskets and valve seals, and everything in between.

Winderosa top end gasket sets are an off-road dirt bikes best friend when you throw a new piston kit inside the Kawasaki KX250 or the KTM 125SX for example. These complete gasket sets are highly recommended to ensure the engine casing is properly sealed after you have completed any mechanical work inside the motor. Using your OEM engine gasket kit can cause further problems down the track if there is a slight air gap or a leak where the pressure inside the engine can escape. Product details and further information regarding each specific kit is found on the individual items page, to ensure you add the correct part to your shopping cart be sure to check out the bike finder tool on our website!

Winderosa offer customers complete water pump repair kits, bottom end gasket sets to replace the clutch cover inner gasket for your fresh clutch kit, and all required components for a full engine rebuild, without breaking the Visa credit card limit! These kits are available for most makes and models of KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki models! With competition from Vertex, these companies keep providing the most high-quality components for customers to be comfortable getting behind the handlebars each time!