Winderosa is one of the most popular brands in the pit area offering the most high-quality engine parts and OEM upgrades around. Complete gasket sets are needed when rebuilding the engine and each casing is cracked open to find the parts within. Complete gasket kits are sold separately from the top end gasket rebuild kits. Top-end gasket sets only provide the necessary components for a piston and rings' replacement. Whereas, the Winderosa complete gasket kit has all of the required seal kits, repair kits, engine gaskets for the bottom end crankshaft area, fuel pumps and water pump, the head gaskets plus all valve seals and oil seals for the complete engine refurbishment. These items are always on the wishlist of factory teams in the USA for their machines!

Winderosa also offers a large range of piston kit and clutch kit fitments for many makes and models of KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki machinery. Further product details about specific kits and the fitments for certain bikes are found in the itemised product descriptions below each individual Winderosa complete gasket set. Be sure to check out the bike finder tool on our website and filter the correct Top end gasket kit or Complete gasket set for your dirt bike and add the right items to your shopping cart. Valve cover gaskets and alternating sizes of O-rings between each model of dirt bike can be the slightest change but tie down a big problem if the incorrect Powersports kit is used. WR450F and the YZ450F may differ slightly between the year models so be sure to check your exact fitment just as you would with an air filter or a front sprocket.