Dirt Bike engines are susceptible to wear and tear with each use. Vertex Piston kits and surrounding components provide some industry-leading products to ensure you have a reliable and powerful dirt bike all year round. Vertex offers a straight-up OEM upgrade and replacement for the standard products for the highly competitive racer chasing aftermarket big bore piston kits and complete gasket sets to rebuild using high-quality engine parts. These dirt bike parts for your Honda CR250R, KTM 250SX, or Husqvarna TC125 can be the difference between making your moto the fastest behind the race gates or just the same as every other standard motocross bike. Vertex even offers titanium exhaust values and exhaust gaskets for certain models of KTM, Yamaha, Gas Gas, Honda, and Kawasaki!

These trending products, especially two-stroke, are in high demand as the kit includes the necessary OEM part replacements such the Pro-X piston kit, wrist pin, circlips, top end gasket kit to ensure the performance piston works at its best each time the bike is in motion. Vertex piston rings are one of a kind and suited to the vertex dirt bike piston kit specific part number.

With competitors such as Hot Rods and Wiseco always providing products of similar quality for popular bikes such as the Yamaha YZ250, Suzuki RMZ models, and Kawasaki KXF models. Vertex as a company is always improving their products and using only the most durable materials in their products, ensuring customers are receiving the same quality products as the top race teams in the United States. Whether that be a piston kit or a complete gasket kit!