UFO plastics are highly regarded as one of the best OEM replacement plastic kits for dirt bikes around the world. Plastics are a simple part of the machine that can be easily changed within minutes and provide a whole new look. Plastics are sold in a complete kit or separately, offered for most modern bikes and even some vintage style bikes that are a couple of decades-old.

UFO side panels are one of the pieces of the puzzle that complete the plastics kit. Side panels are kept in stock for convenience of easy replacement, rather than purchasing the entire plastics kit again. UFO has been known to provide plastics for older model dirt bikes that are no longer in the modern production line, which makes life 10 times easier for rebuilding certain machines. Bikes such as the popular Kawasaki KX125, Suzuki RM250 are just a few to start the list!

UFO is a globally known brand in the motocross world and offers fitments for many makes and models of a dirt bike. Offering side panels, UFO radiator shrouds, UFO rear fenders, UFO front number plates, front fenders, air box covers, fork guards/fork sliders, and complete kits for a huge range of KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki models. These plastics are suitable for motocross and enduro machinery for most models. UFO is constantly offering new colour options for popular dirt bikes such as the Honda CRF450R and Honda CRF250R, many of the KTM SXF and EXC models as well as Yamaha YZ and YZF model off-road machines. With competition from Acerbis and Polisport each year, the bar gets set higher and higher for more colour options and bike fitments!