UFO is an incredibly well-known plastic manufacturer for a large range of dirt bike makes and models. Motocross and enduro racing machines are always needing replacement items and parts to ensure they are in top shape each time they hit the track. Front fenders are important for keeping dirt and debris from hitting the rider when the front wheel is in motion. UFO Plastics offer incredible fitment when repacing OEM items and provide the off-road mudguards and shrouds needed for a range of models. UFO front fenders are made in a range of colours for the ultimate customisation. These plastics are made in Italy and provide options for KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki machinery.

Changing plastics on a dirt bike usually means you need to source some decals or a sticker kit to ensure you protect the new plastics and make your bike even more unique. UFO provides radiator shrouds, side number plates, fairings, and rear fenders to complete the plastics kit. With competitors such as Polisport, Acerbis, Racetech, and Cycra all producing similar products, UFO is always finding new colour designs and customisable items to better the industry. UFO offers some universal front fenders and also supermoto front fenders that can be altered to fit most customised dirt bikes.