Troy Lee Designs SE4 helmet spares will have your favourite helmet spiffy and new again with a range of spares and parts to make your life easier and safer. When you go down in a stack you want your protective gear to be in the best possible shape to give you the best possible outcome. Busted up MX helmets are not only unsafe but they also look a bit average and with TLD helmets being pure works of art, you'll want to showcase it in its finest form. Its super inexpensive and easy to grab a spare for your favourite Troy Lee SE4 helmet to have it looking its best once again. Whether you're after a new visor, visor screws, front chin bar badge, some fresh cheek pads, or new headliner, we've got the part you need to get your lid sorted. 

As minor as a broken off visor may seem it can actually be fairly hazardous and can potentially ruin a day out on the track or trails. The last thing you want is a bunch of roost or fly rock smashing you or getting blinded by the sun. The other common spare part that makes a world of difference to your riding enjoyment is replacing out your headliner or cheek pads to get your helmet smelling as fresh as the day you got it. Old cheek pads and liners can start smelling pretty funky, making you not want to wear it any more. You could potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars by checking out the full range of TLD SE4 helmet spares today instead of buying a whole new helmet!