Troy Lee Designs SE3 helmet spares include various parts and spares to get your helmet in perfect working order again so that you can ride with peace of mind knowing that if your noggin' gets a floggin' your MX helmet has the best chance of keeping you safe. Not only is a busted helmet unsafe but it is also fairly unsightly. Troy Lee Designs helmets are beautiful works of art that you'll want to have in full working order with nothing looking rugged or tired. Replacing a part is a super inexpensive way to revive a helmet especially when you compare it to throwing in the towel and buying a new one. Save hundreds by purchasing an inexpensive part to quickly change-out and have your lid looking new again.

If you're helmets smelling a bit funky and you can no longer stand the smell of it then look at replacing the cheek pads and headliner. As they age, cheek pads and liners get more and more grotesque, holding more dirt, grime, sweat, blood, and tears than you would find acceptable. Chucking in some brand spanking new cheek pads or headliners can transform a tired, smelly MX helmet instantly, making your riding much more enjoyable without having to stop for fresh air every 5 minutes. If your TLD SE3 helmet needs some loving and attention then definitely check out the full range of Troy Lee SE3 helmet spares today and get your lid sorted and smelling fantastic.