Troy Lee Designs kidney belts help keep your vitals safe and secure when you're going over rough terrain or hitting jumps. This bit of MX protective gear serves a couple of purposes. Firstly, it helps to protect your kidneys and other vital organs and secondly, it gives you some extra stability for your back. If you don't like the feeling of jiggling around or feeling like your back needs some extra support then this is the bit of protective gear that'll do you wonders. This is a must-have bit of gear for any serious rider and can save you from serious injury in the event of a stack, or prolonged injury from repetitive bouncing and jerking motions from riding. 

Your kidneys are a delicate structure as they aren't attached to any kind of strong internal parts of the body. They kind of just hang out in a bunch of fatty tissue, so when you're hitting big jumps, turning sharp corners, hitting large rocks or roots, or lets face it, basically any maneuver when your riding, you're insides are going to get a bit jolted around, and its mostly the kidneys that are affected. After a long day of riding you may notice tenderness or aching in your kidney region or perhaps your lower back, and you may even notice blood in your urine depending on how hard you've ridden. 

A good quality MX kidney belt that fits correctly can alleviate a lot of the turmoil your insides experience when you're fanging around shredding dirt. Kidney belts can also come in super handy in the event of a stack as they offer decent protection and coverage for that region of the body and lessen the injury caused by a rogue handlebar or tree branch to the stomach or lower back. Not only do kidney belts protect your kidneys and other internal organs but it also gives some extra support for your lower back. When riding with a kidney belt on, you're essentially braced into a more upright posture, which helps minimize back pain after a long day of riding. 

TLD kidney belts are some of the best kidney belts on the market with their innovative shock doctor technology that is second to none. Ventilation is aplenty with its hex-mesh design that disperses impact in the event of a crash yet allows air to flow freely. An intelligent design gives you lower back and kidney support without inhibiting movement and a three-strap retention system gives you the perfect fit every time. Available for both the kids and adults alike, the Troy Lee Designs kidney belt range cater for riders of every age!

If you're in the market for a top quality kidney belt that will get the job then you really can't go wrong. Check out the full range of Troy Lee kidney belts today and get your vitals and lower back protected.