Troy Lee Designs Adventure gear is perfect for all your adventure touring, dual sports riding, or even if you're doing a lot of long off-road riding. This gear is made for long days adventuring around with durability that you're not likely to find in other types of riding gear. Long days touring around requires some essentials to have on hand which is exactly what this gear is designed for, providing pockets galore to stash your important stuff such as your phone, wallet, ID, snacks, water, MX GPS, tire repair kits, and other spare bits and pieces. Storage space is not something you'll find in a pair of motocross pants which is why dual sport enthusiasts or adventure tourists opt for purpose-built adventure gear so that you're not stuck without your essentials. 

Adventure gear is far more durable than motocross gear as it needs to be able to put up with all sorts of riding and terrain. From rocky creek crossings to charging through the bush with branches whipping past your body, you'll want some serious gear that's up for the challenge. Every bit of fabric on this gear has been strategically selected with the highest and most suitable denier rating to provide you with the toughest riding gear yet. The guys at TLD know how to make top quality premium gear that can last the test of time and have been proving themselves as one of the most reliable moto brands in the game since 1981. 

When you're out riding in a scorcher of a day and need some decent airflow going through your off-road pants to keep you cool you'll want some gear that can get the job done and provide you with max ventilation so you don't overheat and have your day ruined. The Troy Lee adventure pants solved this problem by offering 12" double YKK zippered front panels that you can open when you start heating up to allow air to enter or opt to keep them closed for cooler riding conditions. Reflective zippered exhaust vents expels hot air and aids in keeping you visible when you're riding on the road. 

The TLD adventure jackets have epic features to have you riding in comfort all day such as removable sleeves to suit all kinds of riding conditions, taped welded seams, YKK water resistant zippered chest, arm and rear exhaust vents for some solid ventilation, and water resistant storage pockets to keep your essentials safe. The features and designs of the Troy Lee adventure gear are varied to suit all kinds of off-road riders that are looking for something specific in their riding gear. From safety gear vests to water resistant jackets, over the boot pants to under the boot pants, and everything in between, there's gear here for the pure adventurist that needs gear that can do it all. 

Available for both the ladies and men, there's something here for everyone! Check out the full range of TLD adventure gear today and get kitted up with some of our best selling, premium adventure gear that will go with you anywhere and last you through the seasons.