When choosing your Trail Tech Vapor computer kits make sure to first go to our My Garage section and sign in a bike so that everything is saved and you can shop through all the parts available to fit your specific bike whether it be a KTMHusqvarnaHusabergGas GasHondaYamahaKawasaki or Suzuki.  Our Trail Tech computers mount to most dirtbike handlebars for easy accessibility and view of your vapor digital gauge.   

The Trail Tech Vapor Computer systems are not very big in the motocross or SX industry as racers don't need to be checking these types of specs during a race. They're made specifically for road enthusiasts and disciplines like enduro and off-road as data like this is helpful knowledge. The digital speedometer and real-time RPM bar graph Tachometer display on all models of the Trail Tech range is accurate and easy to read for any everyday rider with their easy to fit speed sensor.