Torc1 Racing is a well-known brand in the enduro racing scene as well as the motocross racing discipline. Dual compound handlebar grips are used to maintain the most amount of glove traction to ensure you always have a tight grip. Lock-on grips and half waffle grips are also extremely popular to different rider preferences and ease of installation. Moto lock-on grips have a CNC machined locking collar that Allen keys onto the left side of the handlebars, with a throttle tube inside the ride side grip. Mx grips are extremely important as it is the main contact point between rider and machine. The defy MX lock-on grips do not require grip glue to attach them to the dirt bike. The durability of the throttle cams used for the lock on grips is second to none!

OEM spec throttle tubes are removed when removing the standard grips, an aftermarket throttle tube has a longer wear life span. Changing your throttle tube can also make it easier to install your new waffle pattern grips to ensure you get the tacky compound you are chasing from your Torc1 grips. With competitors such as Pro Taper, Renthal, and ODI always bringing out new patterns and colours, the grip game is always evolving and bettering each year!