When it comes to protective gear, your noggin is by far the most important part of your body that you'll want to safeguard. Choosing the right helmet for you can be a daunting task that often involves a lot of indecision as these days we are fairly spoilt for choice. We've taken the pain out of your helmet buying experience by writing up a helmet buying guide that will hopefully attend to some of your questions or concerns.

The guys at Thor offer a range of super safe helmets that not only look epic but are pretty affordable too. The top of the range Thor Reflex Helmets are the first helmets to integrate Koroyd technology, combining with a premium dual density EPS liner and, more importantly, the MIPS protection system, to create a purpose built helmet made to offer the best protection possible in the event of a crash. Throw into that the extensive ventilation system throughout the helmet, and you've got yourself a lightweight, cool, stylish, and most important of all, safe helmet

Thor has been making protective moto gear for almost 50 years so you can rest assured that you are gearing up with one of the original players in the field who's products are built on the backs of countless hours of R&D. Thor Sector helmets are an excellent entry-level helmet that are one of our best-sellers for a number of reasons. Affordability, durability, and safety just to name a few. Whether you're new to the game or are a seasoned veteran wanting a spare helmet for your gear bag, Sector is a no-brainer when it comes to investing in a new moto helmet.

Thor Motocross Helmet Size Guide Sizing Chart