If you're looking to get guarded up with some extra protective gear to cover your important parts then have a gander at the full range of Thor body armour. From front protection only options to the fuller coverage designs that protect the front, back, shoulders, and biceps, you'll be sure to find a level of coverage to suit your MX body armour needs. Available for the kids and adults alike, there's something here for the whole family. 

Thor Guardian body armour is the upgraded version of the Quadrant range. Taking the good bits out of Quadrant and adding a bunch more technological features makes this body armour one advanced bit of protective gear. Fully adjustable suspension shoulder guards, waist buckle, and bicep arm guards make this one excellent fitting bit of body armour that can be personalised for a great fit. Tested and certified to the highest safety standards you can rest assured your rig is in safe hands. 

Thor Sentinal body armour is for the rider who wants performance driven, minimalist protective gear that is super lightweight and a great fit. With its slim profile and thin straps that allow for neck braces, this body armour has a barely-there feel that is perfect for all riding conditions. Don't be fooled though, despite being ultralight and comfy, this gear offers excellent safety and protection for both the kids and adults alike.