Motocross gloves are a vital item when it comes time to head offroad. Some see gloves as gloves, but many of us like to get a little more specific. Decent dirt bike gloves can have all sorts of features ranging from perforated palms for increased Airflow, to different opening/strap designs for easy access and added materials for increased lever control.

In comes the Thor Agile. With a simplistic, featherweight chassis design to provide maximum bar feel and total mobility, these are an incredible choice for those looking for a minimalistic glove with brilliant airflow. Thor Agile has a single layer (Clarino), perforated palm, silicon treated fingertips (for increased lever control and grip), a classic hook and loop wrist closure for easy access, and a wrapped inner thumb for durability. These are an extremely versatile glove, and regardless if you're jumping on the Honda for a spin at the motocross track or the Yamaha for an ATV ride on the farm these will serve you well. In fact, the versatile lightweight design even makes these an excellent choice for the MTB enthusiast.

If you're still not sure the Thor Agile is the glove for you, check out our motocross gear buying guide to get a better idea of what you'd like to look down and see on your backhand. But if it's sounding like Thor has you sorted on this one, grab yourself a pair of Agile's and start enjoying all the benefits they have to offer!