Talon is one of the most used brands if dirt bike sprockets globally. Used by some of the best race teams in the United States and Europe to provide the most durable front sprocket and rear sprocket for their riders, to ensure they make it to the finish line every time. Talons rear sprockets are offered for many models of motocross and enduro racing machines being either a KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Gas Gas, and Suzuki dirt bike.

New products are always released by Talon, with their ultralight sprocket kits including alloy sprocket designs that maximise the tooth pattern on each sprocket for increased durability and reliability. Talon rear sprockets even have a small self-cleaning groove on the edge of the teeth to ensure there is no significant build-up of sediment or debris while the chain is spinning furiously. Talon offers some of the best riding gear for the dirt bike and exceeds expectations from riders and mechanics every time the bike hits the track. These items are a must for the wishlist.

competitors such as RHK and Supersprox keeping Talon on their feet and honest, a little competition between the brands means we keep seeing improvements in the CNC machined Talon alloy sprocket range each year! We trust these products to turn horsepower from the gearbox into raw speed on the track through the O-ring Chain connecting the Talon front sprocket and Talon rear sprocket along the path of the swingarm. Be sure to check out the range of Talon products on offer for your specific machine and add these items to the shopping cart for your next big shopping spree on your new CRF450R!