Tag Metals are a very well established company offering some of the most unique and high-quality products on the dirt bike market. Their CNC machined dirt bike front sprockets and rear sprockets are extremely popular around the globe for their renowned use of 7075 T6 aluminum in their dual-sport aluminum rear sprockets. These sprockets are of the highest quality possible using only the best materials, offering new products for your moto wish list all year round. The Tag Metals front and rear sprockets offer maximum strength and tight tolerances on each machine to prevent the build-up of sediment or any mud and debris you might pick up through the race chain on the motocross track. Tag Metals rear sprockets are used by some of the most popular factory teams in the United States and Europe for their factory bikes!

We highly recommend you check out the MyGarage section of the website to search by your off-road dirt bike and ensure you are filtering your KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, or Suzuki machine properly and ordering the correct anodized sprocket with unique mud grooves to offer extra strength and a better drivetrain system. Don't miss out on securing the stock on these amazing products and treat your machine to some new Tag Metals products for the next weekend riding!