Tag Metals are a super popular and well-known brand around the United States and the rest of the globe. Offering high-quality CNC machined rear sprockets and a range of anodized colours for each bike, the Tag Metals rear sprocket is no joke! These aluminum rear sprockets are lightweight and house a self-cleaning mud groove design in the teeth to prevent the build-up of sediment and mud. These sprockets have some of the highest customer reviews on the market, explaining the incredible corrosion, abrasion resistance, and extended chain life these items provide! The manufacturing processes used to produce the highest quality product also gives extra strength to these dual sport sprockets.

These items are available for most makes and models of off-road and enduro racing machines. One for the wishlist if you own any of the modern dirt bikes from KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki RMZ range. Motocross is a demanding sport for the rider and also the machine so be sure to equip it with a new countershaft front sprocket, rear sprocket, and motorcycle chain!