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With over 30 years experience, Chuck Steahly knows a few things about what today’s riders need. Founded in 1987 by Chuck, Steahly Offroad had the idea of supplying those needs to the general riding public. The brand has rapidly expanded and is now popular worldwide in all Road Racing, Motocross, Enduro and Dirt Track disciplines.

Not many people understood the benefits of the Steahly Flywheel Weight back in 1987, but over the years the popularity has rapidly increased with how well they perform. The Flywheel Weights deliver smoother power, reduce stalling and give the bike a torquier bottom end and more controllable feel. Most weights bolt on top of the stock ignition flywheel and only require about 3 minutes to fit, others use a special bonding glue. Available for most 2 and 4 stroke bikes, look no further for smooth sailing, bolt on performance.