Steahly Off-Road began in 1987 when owner Chuck Stealhy realized there was an opportunity to supply other riders with the products that will improve their riding experience. This goal of delivering better experiences to riders worldwide was realized with his patented flywheel weighting system. Off-road racers, trail riders, motocrossers, dirt trackers, and hill climbers have all come to rely on Steahly flywheels to turn an ordinary ride into an extraordinary experience.

Back when Steahly first started making flywheel weights, very few riders understood the benefits of adding flywheel weights. A fairly simple concept of adding additional weight to the flywheel increases the bike's rotating mass - i.e. the inertia of the motor. The result is an engine that is a little slower to rev, has more controllable power delivery and less hard-hitting power. Best used in low to mid-range speeds, the addition of a flywheel weight means your ride is less likely to stall at slow speeds or with the rear brake.

As awareness of the benefits provided by this one fairly simple modification grew,  the popularity of adding flywheel weights has increased. More and more riders have discovered that they can go faster for longer with the smooth power delivery, better traction, and reduced stalling that Steahly Flywheel Weights deliver. They result in a torquier and broader spread of power delivery, and the top-end power on many bikes is improved with less tendency to lose RPM's when climbing or hitting obstacles. Because your control of the bike is improved, you conserve strength and energy that you can use to ride longer and harder.

Steahly Flywheel Weights for most 2-strokes screw over top of the stock ignition flywheel using their exclusive patented mounting system. Installation is a breeze without having to remove the stock rotor. Installation on four strokes requires either replacing the stock rotor with one of Steahly's heavier complete rotors or adding a weight ring using their patent-pending design - both of which should pose no problems for the average mechanic. 

Steahly Flywheel Weights are machined from solid steel billet on computer operated lathes for the ultimate in balance, trueness and strength. Each weight is designed specifically to fit each model of motorcycle ensuring a more precise fit and best possible performance.

Often you can select from multiple weight sizes to suit riding styles and conditions. A standard rule of thumb to consider is aggressive riders will perform better adding a small-to-medium flywheel weight. For a slower more casual rider or to manoeuvre through slower technical terrain, a heavier weight improves results.

Steahly Off-Road are serious dirt riders and racers. They have used and tested all the products they manufacture under real riding and racing conditions. Steahly president Chuck has 40+ years of off-road racing experience and intimately understands what today's riders need and want. Chuck designs many of the Steahly Flywheel Weights himself, as well as helping put his innovative flywheels through rigorous torture tests to ensure that customers get the quality they deserve.