Stance - The Creators of Originality. Revolutionizing the fasion industry as we know it, Stance is quite possibly the single fastest growing brand on the planet. Never before has a brand so rapidly dominated an entire industry, and with an ever-growing number of Athletes, Music Artists, Celebrities and Actors joining the movement, it's easy to see why. Dwyane Wade, Rihanna, James Harden, Big Sean, Klay Thomspson and Bubba Watson are some of the biggest names on the planet, and every single one of them is a leading figure in the Stance world. Already with a huge range of lifestyle and casual socks, Stance recently began their exploration into the world of extreme sports, and their Moto range is unquestionably the premium sock offering for any and every Motocross athlete.

Lead by Team HRC Factory Honda superstars Ken Roczen and Cole Seely, Stance are fast taking over the motocross industry with their superior range of Moto Fusion and Knee Brace socks. Multi-time AMA Supercross and Motocross world champion Ken Roczen has been the driving force behind Stance moto socks, and Stance have been proud to honour Ken's loyalty with his very own designs, fronted by the ever popular Stance Rincon KR Knee Brace Socks. Combining a custom-blend of moisture wicking fabrics and strategic mesh panels, the Rincon KR set a new standard for knee brace socks around the world, and the wicked designs (drawn up by Kenny himself) are some of the freshest you will see on any motocross gear anywhere!

Following up the Rincon KR with the aptly named Stance K-Roc Knee Brace Socks, it's clear to see that Stance mean serious business when they say they're taking over the moto industry. Offering the ultimate in comfort and support for riders who use knee braces, these socks combine the freshest colour schemes with the best technologies to create a world class sock made for a world class rider. These are the socks that took Roczen to the top step of 2016 AMA Motocross Championship podium, so you know they can handle the demands of the fastest rider in the world. Become a part of the Stance movement today, and get yourself a set of Stance socks. The Stance Revolution has well and truly begun; ensure that you're a part of it!