When it comes to the originators of compression wear, Skins were the first. Back in 1996, getting older was starting to take its toll on a young Aussie skier, who decided he wanted to feel 15 years younger whilst doing what he loved. Consulting with NASA of all companies, along with many other experts in the field, it was not long until the idea of Skins was born. Compression sportswear aimed at improving blood circulation in the body, supplying the muscles with increased oxygen and allowing it to perform at a higher level for a prolonged period of time. Pro athletes were some of the first to get involved, before the brand started taking over on a worldwide scale. Skins Compression Tights were some of the first products off the bat, and people everywhere were raving at just how effective these muscle hugging pieces of clothing improved their athletic abilities. The birth of the compression trend had well and truly begun.

While others have since followed in the their path, Skins still remains the undisputed ruler of the compression game. Skins Compression Shirts are a favourite among athletes and amateurs everywhere, hoping to gain that extra edge in their chosen sport, or just pushing out some extra reps in the gym. The science behind them is undeniable, and the improved performance of those wearing Skins is no coincidence. Especially popular during the winter months for those training on the cold frosty mornings, Skins continues to grow as a brand, and so does their customer base.

Here at MXstore, there's one line of Skins that we are particularly fond of, and that is the Skins Compressions Sleeves. If you've ridden a dirt bike you know how important it is to be able to hold on, and those of us who have fallen victim to the dreaded Arm Pump know how vital your forearms are in doing so. Compression sleeves work well to increase the flow of blood through the forearms while you ride, and greatly reduces the risk of succumbing to Arm Pump. Good for training and even better for racing, these things are just what you need if you're prone to Arm Pump whilst riding.