For a pair of MX pants that give you more of everything you need and less of the stuff you don't then look no further. Shift pants will take your riding to the next level with options and price-points to suit those on a budget right up to those with a little extra to spend. If you want racewear that can pack a punch and stand the test of time with style and attitude to burn then Shift is the moto gear for you. 

Shift WHIT3 label pants are a great entry-level option that will leave you with a bit of spare change at the end, which is never a bad thing. Although on the lower-priced end of the spectrum, this gear is still made of the same quality construction as all other Shift products - just minus a few features and trimmings. If the budget is a concern for you, but still want great gear that is as durable is it is stylish, then the WHIT3 label is for you.

When you have a little more to invest in your moto pants for a premium range that not only looks epic with their stealthy, minimalist look, but also perform like a boss, then the Shift 3LACK label pants range is one to watch. Nice and lightweight, yet still extremely tough and durable, these MX pants will have you feeling super mobile and unrestricted with that peace of mind knowing your gear isn't going to fall apart after a couple of rides.

For those who like to go a little off-track and take the road less traveled then check out the full range of Shift R3con pants. These off-road pants are for the freeriders out there that love feeling free and unrestricted so that you can focus more on whats in front of you and less on whats flapping around behind you and whether or not it's going to put up with the tree branch you're about to throw its way. Check out the full range of Recon pants today for that peace of mind that your pants aren't going to disappear in a shower of confetti the next time you get intimate with an inconveniently placed tree.