When it comes to motocross and off road gear, the range of Shift MX apparel is hard to beat. Since rocketing out of the gate back in 1997 as a Fox Racing side brand, with heavy hitters Jeff Emig and Seth Enslow repping their cutting edge colours and designs, not many dirt bike brands have managed to keep up with Shift's approach. Originally developed as a less mainstream offering away from the iconic Fox label, Shift has been built to push the boundaries of the sport. That approach has blended the type of rider that has been seen wearing the brands MX gear, as well as the actual technology and designs that push the absolute limit of riding gear. The Shift range is segmented to offer riders of every ability and preferred budget an option that performs well on the track or trail, and looks boss while doing it. 

The new Shift White Label range includes not only a killer range of well priced MX pants, jerseys and gloves, but also MX boots, motocross helmets and goggles. This head to toe Whit3 Label range will fill your gear bag with stylish and functional racewear without having to re-mortgage the house. Next up from the White label is the 3lack Label gear range. Racers all over Australia have kitted themselves out in the Black Label kit, with it's streamlined designs and sleek fit seeing it highly regarded by many. The creme de la creme of the Shift range is the 3lue Label. These race bred pieces of kit are what Shift was developed to produce. The latest high tech materials, supreme athletic tailoring and very small production runs. This is the gear that Geico Honda SX Superstars Jett Lawrence and Christian Craig don in the AMA professional race series. 

A range that has featured since Shift was introduced over 2 decades ago was the over-the-boot pant models. To this day, the Shift Recon range still exists to cater to the rider that isn't concerned about showing off their latest Gaerne or Alpinestars kicks. As well, Shift offer plenty of off the bike casual wear such as Shift tee shirts, hoodies and caps for your loved ones to spend their gift cards on when it comes time for some new kit to wear away from the track.