Seven gear sets are an epic line-up of top-quality race-wear made and worn by legend racer James Stewart. Stewart wanted to create a moto brand that pushed the boundaries and re-defined limits, providing performance gear for riders that want to take their riding to the next level. Seven MX gear is available in three different ranges with various price-points on offer to suit those on a budget right up to riders wanting next-level MX gear that can pack a serious punch.

If you're wanting some decent quality race-wear that will get the job done, represents excellent value-for-money, and has the durability that will last you through the seasons, then check out the range of Seven Annex gear. A tailored athletic fit reduces any excess bulk that slows you down, and plush moisture-wicking material keeps you dry in super hot conditions. Whether you're throwing your leg over a dirt bike for the first time, or you're a seasoned veteran wanting a spare gear set to run, Seven Annex gear sets are definitely one to check out.

Seven Rival and Zero are your premium options that are abundant in features with a high attention to detail that you would expect James Stewart to thread into his moto gear. The Rival and Zero ranges are what you see the pro's riding. What you see zipping around the supercross track on the fastest racers on the planet are exactly what you can run too. Check out the full range of Seven Annex, Rival, and Zero gear sets today and get kitted up with some of the fastest threads on the market that will just keep going.