Tear-offs are one of the more useful goggle accessories out there, for if you can't see through your goggle lens, what's the point of having the goggles there?! If you're unfamiliar with tear-offs, the premise behind them is pretty simple. They're a thin layer of clear plastic like material that you lay across your goggles, attached to tear off posts on your lens, that are designed to ripped off as each layer becomes dirty or muddy. As you rip off each tearoff, your vision is thus cleared, offering you a brief window of beautiful clarity before the next guy decides to roost the hell out of you and cover your goggles in mud once again. Scott is extremely proficient in the motocross goggles market and know a thing or two about putting together a decent set of MX goggles, and their tear-offs are certainly no different. Keep your vision as clear possible and invest in some Scott Tear-offs today, knowing that no matter how much mud and dirt good old Barry decides to flick at you next time you're out on the track, your tear offs will be there for you.

MXstore has Scott tearoffs available for the whole range of Scott motocross goggles, including the Scott Prospect Goggles, Scott Hustle Goggles, Scott Tyrant Goggles, and the kids range of Scott Buzz Goggles. All orders over $20 will qualify you for free shipping to anywhere in Australia, so make sure you're getting your money's worth and load up on a couple of packs of tear offs! Enjoy the weekend legends, and as always, Ride Safe.