Scott Goggles are one of the more comprehensive lineups of Over The Glasses motocross goggles, and for good reason - they were the first to actually make the OTG goggle. We've said it before, but there are not many things that are more important than your vision when it comes to dirt bike riding, and for those of you out there who have vision problems and need to wear your prescription glasses, it has been difficult in the past to achieve this. But the Scott OTG goggles are the answer to your prayers, ensuring that you can safely and securely wear your prescription glasses underneath your riding goggles, and making sure that your vision is in no way obstructed. Scott is well known for their incredible lineup of motocross goggles, but we're firm believers in the OTG range being the most impressive they have on offer, allowing people who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to participate in the sport as they would have liked.

The Scott Over The Glasses Goggles are available in your standard MX version, as well as the race-ready Scott Roll-offs equipped option. With a bunch of different colour options available in both styles, Scott has well and truly catered for this fairly important category. There's a host of other amazing features on offer in the OTG goggles, so be sure to check out the product pages to see that you're not only getting a goggle that caters to your prescription glasses, but you're also getting a goggle that packs a serious bang-for-your-buck when it comes to technical features. All orders on Scott OTG Goggles at MXstore over $20 will score you free shipping as well, so be sure that your goggles are the only thing you're investing your hard earned dollars into, and grab a set of OTG goggles today. As always legends, Ride Safe.