When it comes to motocross goggles, there are a few brands that have the know-how, experience and championships to back it up like Scott Goggles. The Scott Sports range of products came into being way back in 1958, from which time they have been known for innovation and performance in extreme conditions. One of the newest goggles in the Scott goggle range is the Scott Fury goggle. These bad boys make use of a lot of the same features as Scott's flagship goggle, the Scott Prospect, but come in at a more reasonable purchase price. The Fury features the well proven Scott lens lock system, offers a 3-layer face foam and a capable 40mm non slip silicone strap, all the while delivering the same massive field of vision offered by the more expensive Prospect goggle. The Fury checks off a solid number of demands that appear on most riders wishlists; the Fury shares the sames lens and innovative lenslock system as the Prospect range, the easily attached roll off system offers the largest film coverage on the market, it's three-layer foam is up to the challenge of both motocross and enduro punishment and the NoFog anti-fog lens treatment can help maintain vision in the toughest of conditions. Grab a Scott Truview single WORKS lens model and get a bonus clear lens, and the safest lens retention system is also one of the easiest to change up your lens with, so as conditions change throughout the day you can get by with a single pair of goggles easily. The Scott tear-offs that fit the Fury are held in place by a dual locking pins on either side of the lens, and your maximum field of vision is maintained with either roll offs or tear offs affixed. If you need anymore product details on any of the new products from Scott MX, don't hesitate to get in touch with out friendly customer service team. MXstore has got you covered with one of Australia's largest ranges of dirt bike goggles, so do yourself a favour and freshen up your vision.