For over 60 years, Scott have produced performance products for high end sports and high end athletes. After first breaking cover on the ski hills of Idaho back in the 1960's, the Scott name now appears on a huge range of sporting equipment - from mountain bikes, road bikes, skis and snow apparel through to motocross and off road dirt bike gear. Scott got started making dirt bike products back in 1970, launching the first ever motocross specific goggle, which was followed by boots, grips and a range of motocross and enduro accessories. Scott's range of goggles have been worn by numerous champions not only here in Australia, but also the prestigious AMA Supercross and MXGP world motocross championships. 

In recent years the Scott Sports motocross range of products has grown from just offering some of the best goggles and accessories available, to including a full offering of riding gear for both motocross and enduro. The Scott 350 and 450 ranges have the bases covered for those racers hitting the tracks, and the Enduro line of gear will provide a hard wearing option for those taking on a more substantial cross country adventure through the Australian bush. Take a look through the gear sets on offer here at MXstore, where we stock a range of colours and styles to complement your KTM, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki or whatever bike you venture out on. 

As well as their 2021 gear offerings, Scott continues to offer their popular Prospect goggles, as well as the new Fury model. The Prospect is the top of the range offering from Scott, featuring a huge field of view, outriggers to ensure the best contact with your face no matter your helmet choice as well as a wide silicon backed strap to keep them in place in the most trying of conditions. Scott's WFS Roll Off system is easily attached to both the Prospect and Fury and offers one of the widest films on the market. The more affordable Fury goggle features a large number of features that exist on the more expensive Prospect, with the Fury sharing the same lenses and lens locking system.  Also featuring frame mounted straps, and while the straps are slimmer than those on the Prospects, the Fury offers sleek lines and capable function.