RK motorcycle chain and sprocket kits are super popular among dirt bike riders as these kits are pre-made for a range of dirt bikes. Including items with a front sprocket, rear sprocket, and RK chain these kits are incredible value for money and offer the lowest price for such a range of items. Steel front sprockets and steel rear sprockets are used in the RK chain & sprocket kits for increased longevity over the OEM products. Racing chains or rivet chains are an option among the range of packs. Race teams choose a few different options to carry with them in the trucks and ensure they have options for their riders. RK offers only high-quality and heavy-duty components for a range of KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki machines.

The fitment of these motocross and enduro dirt bike parts is second to none. Depending on the kit chosen you will either have an alloy sprocket made from aircraft aluminium quality materials. Otherwise, an alloy steel combination ensures a lightweight centre but a steel outer so the drive chain effectively channels through the teeth gearing. The high-performance products offer greater durability and better customer satisfaction every time!