the underside of your machine. Ricochet is a globally known brand that provides some of the best selling engine guards and bash plates for many makes and models of a dirt bike. Dirt bike off-road protection is incredibly important when you are out riding trails by yourself or with mates on the weekends. Knowing you have a full coverage skid plate underneath your machine is extremely important to give you the comfort of knowing your KTM 250-EXCF is going to perform at its best without the possibility of any objects impeding on the underside of the engine case, water pump, or other important motorcycle parts.

Bash plates are trending moto products, stemming from the idea of crash bars on road bikes to protect the carbon fibre side panels from being damaged. Ricochet off-road skid plates are available for motocross and enduro model machines to offer the extra protection you didn't know you needed until now. Many models of KTM, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki can be susceptible to damage at any given moment. Many not walking off the showroom floor with an OEM bash plate from brand new. This is there Ricochet step in to connect the dots and offer a high-quality durable option for all the racers out there!