RHK are a very well established company that make hundreds of moto products for a variety of motorcycle models. Rear sprockets are just one of the many items on offer and one of the most popular in their range. Sprocket kits are important on any dirt bike as they are required to be a lite steel sprocket design and also offer loads of durability. RHK also offer aluminium sprockets to enhance their range. The alloy rear sprockets are formed for maximum wear life and superior strength all year round on any off-road or enduro racing machine. The small diamond cut teeth on these rear sprockets are unique compared to the renowned manufacturer OEM parts. Offering a seamless design and super lite steel sprocket option for our dirt bike. Competitors such as Supersprox, Talon and Renthal are always outperforming each other, meaning RHK is always finding new ways to manufacture the best components on the planet.

RHK offer some awesome bling colours to make your dirt bike stand out in the crowd. Offering sprocket bolt kits and hub saver style bolts to go hand in hand with your new rear sprocket. Be sure to check out the MyGarage section on the website and find the correct fitment for your model of KTM SXs, Husqvarna, Honda, Husaberg, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki! RHK make a range of O-ring chains to add to the wishlist and fill the shopping cart up which would go nicely with the alloy composite sprocket. Even handlebars and handguards are on display to go with the bling brake pedals and colourful rim lock combinations!