RHK Brake levers are a great aftermarket purchase for any dirt bike to upgrade from a standard silver lever blade to an anodized flex brake lever. Quantum flex levers are one of those bike parts that can be often overlooked, however in the motocross and enduro industry these items can be the difference between failing to finish a race and winning the moto. These OEM off-road replacement items are hot property and should definitely be considered next time you are adding wishlist items to your shopping cart. The RHK brake and clutch lever sets are CNC machined which makes them stronger than the standard levers.

These items are popular for most makes and models of KTM SXF and EXC, Yamaha WR and YZF, Kawasaki KXF, Suzuki, Gas Gas, Husaberg, Honda, and Husqvarna dirt bikes! These handlebar items are a bling kit match to the RHK gear levers, brake pedal adjusters, sprockets, footpegs, rim locks, and other RHK bling kits. We highly recommend these items even if you run handguards as they give a better feel than the OEM brakes as well as to feel the brake disc spinning freely underneath you!