Rhino is a Sydney based company, designing innovative products to provide solutions for problems within the MX and Off Road world. Formed in 2011, Rhino has grown rapidly now having distribution worldwide. With the range designed for anyone on a dirt bike, wether you're racing at a pro or club level to riding only a few times a year, Rhino's products should definitely have a space in your toolbox!

Almost every at some stage has had troubles with leaking fork seals and had to pay excessive amounts to get them replaced. Rhino seen this and took advantage by designing the Seal Doctor. This was the first product made by Rhino, made purely to fix leaking fork seals. This special tool clamps around your fork tube pushing safely under your oil seal and when spun it grabs and pushes any dirt or sand caught under the seal, which 99% of the time is what causes the leak. This is all done without having to remove your fork protectors like some other products require. Available in a junior size (35mm-45mm) and a large size (45mm-55mm) the Seal Doctor also comes with a toolbox holder so it can be transported in a van, ute or trailer and not be damaged.   

Cleaning bikes is never the easiest job, especially when you're using the wrong tools. The Rhino Mud Blade can save you a whole lot of time, which can be beneficial for many MX and Enduro racers when in the pits or even the weekend warrior who doesn't want to be spending hours on cleaning. On the top end, it has a curved "Blade" style scraper which is wide enough to clean wide surfaces like underneath your plastics, while also being thin enough for smaller areas like inside your hub faces. The bottom end is a narrow but ultra strong pick, made for smaller areas like footpegs, brake pedals, and any tight spots between your frame and motor where the mud generally builds up. No more need for kitchenware or screwdrivers for cleaning, the Mud Blade will get the job done right!