Racetech is a global provider for plastic kits on modern dirt bike makes and models. These plastic kits are always in high demand and are used by some of the most popular and biggest race teams in the United States and Europe. Radiator shrouds are extremely important for any dirt bike as they offer side protection for a couple of major motocross and enduro dirt bike components. The fuel tank and the sides of the radiators are exposed without a set of Racetech radiator shrouds on the dirt bike, leaving the dirt bike vulnerable and susceptible to damage. OEM radiator shrouds are the same shape as the Racetech sets, however, Rtech offers a large variety of colour choices and a high reinforcement rating in the design of their plastic to offer supreme protection.

Racetech products are available for most makes and models of KTM SX, SXF, and EXC models, Husqvarna, Honda CRF, Yamaha YZ450F, and YZ250F, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Sherco, Gas Gas, and Husabergs'! Depending on the model year of the dirt bike, the world's largest manufacturer of plastics will likely hold items such as radiator guards, air box, complete plastics kits, front fenders, handguards for the handlebars and so many more products offering supreme fitment for motocross and enduro bikes. The actual products Racetech offers are in such high demand that they are manufacturing all year round with an endless production line. These items are a must for the wishlist to fill the shopping cart and give your bike the love it deserves! With competitors such as UFO, Polisport, and Acerbis always hot on their heels, Racetech continuously improve their range and product style to compete with the best! no extra bolt kits are required when installing these kits, to make it simple and easy for any rider!