Racetech provides the motorcycle industry with world-class dirt bike plastic kits and individual replacement plastics to ensure your bike is always looking fresh. Chain sliders are incredibly important to help track the chain along its given path. The slider wraps around the front of the swingarm and also acts as a deterrent for the chain to not dig into the swingarm. The slider is most effective when used in conjunction with the chain guide which is located just in front of the rear sprocket on the underside of the swingarm. These items are durable and not needing replacement very often, but should be regularly checked.

Whether you ride a KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Gas Gas, or Suzuki machine, Racetech has a range of plastic options to suit. With a variety of colours, replacing the OEM chain slider with an Rtech slider is even more exciting. Enduro dirt bikes such as the KTM EXC-F range and all motocross dirt bikes would slowly wear down the slider over time due to the extreme velocity of the chain rushing over the product. Off-road moto Racetech chain sliders should be an item on the wishlist for anybody restoring an old dirt bike or looking to freshen up a newer bike.

Be sure to check out the range of bike parts Racetech offer to match the black chain slider or black chain guide that comes standard on the dirt bike. The OEM replacement riding gear is highly recommended for racers. Items such as brake disc guards, handguards to protect your hands on the handlebars and a variety of similar items can easily help you fill the shopping cart with items in stock. With competitors such as Polisport and Acerbis continuously bringing out new products for the YZF and SX/SXF range you know Racetech will always try to better product availability!