Pro Grip have are an Italian dirt bike and road accessories manufacturer, providing high quality components for the motocross, enduro and road bike markets. Having been producing their products since 1960, they have learnt a thing or two. And having their MX grips on the handlebars of high caliber users such as 9 time world MXGP champion Antonio Cairoli ensures the products are thoroughly put through their paces. Here at MXstore we stock a wide range of the Pro Grip motorcycle grips range. Whether you are after off road grips for your Honda or KTM dirt bike, or need a set for your street bike, here at MXstore we stock a wide range of Pro Grip grips. Take your pick from a wide range of styles including the Pro Grip 801, full diamond or half waffle grip patterns as well as dual density grips and triple density grips. As well Pro Grip offer the latest in Lock On grip technology to take away the need for messy glues and challenging grip wires.

As well as the large range of Pro Grip options, we also offer grips from a variety of other manufacturers including Pro Taper, Renthal, ODI and others. As well as bike grips, we have a huge assortment of motorcycle parts that should be on your wish list when throwing on new hand grips. Make sure you look over our range of handguards, grip donuts, clutch levers, bar ends and replacement throttle tubes to have your controls running better than ever. If you need any help determining what to throw into your shopping cart, don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team, by phone, email or live chat.