Penrite are an Australian owned oil and lubricants manufacturer, producing high end products in production facilities in both Melbourne and Brisbane. Their high quality products are used by both high performance racing outfits, such as the Penrite Honda motocross and supercross outfit, as well as everyday consumers and their vehicles, lawn mowers, chainsaws, whipper snippers and power tools throughout Australia. Penrite produce a substantial range of motorcycle oils that exceed manufacturer requirements, ensuring that the maximum power output of your machine is maintained.

As well as a massive range of 4 stroke engine oils, Penrite offers full synthetic and semi synthetic two stroke oils. These Penrite MC-2 two stroke engine oils come in convenient 1 litre bottles, with the container providing handy premix measuring. Nailing that mixing ratio helps keeps piston rings at maximum lubricity, while Penrite's low ash formulation ensures low smoke, low piston deposits and reduced exhaust port blockage. Penrite Oils use only the highest quality base oils when producing their finished product.

The full Penrite range of products is available at MXstore, Australia's largest dirt bike parts and accessories retailer. As well as oils, we stock a huge range of general service items to help keep your machine running properly. From oil filters and air filters to spark plugs and tie downs, MXstore have the products to help get you out there riding more.