PC Racing is an American company specializing in dirt bike, road bike and ATV products. With an innovative approach, their products are designed to make life on a motorcycle easier.

Scratched and damaged plastics come as a part of the trade when you're riding dirt bikes, luckily these guys have you covered. PC Racing Plastic Renew completely rejuvenates your plastics, bringing them back to looking brand new with a little bit of elbow grease. It works by sanding back the top layer of your plastic, removing scratches and scuff marks to a complete repolish with PC Racings special formula. Included in the kit is sandpaper, steel wool, polishing cloths and a big enough bottle of Plastic Renew to get any bike done. This is also perfect for anyone restoring an older bike where the plastics are no longer available or if you don't want to fork out the money for new plastics.

PC Racing UnderWare Kevlar Gloveliners are the perfect blister preventer for anyone on a dirt bike. The cause is friction between your glove and hand, but with the specially made kevlar designed thin enough to fit in your glove, they provide full protection of your hands and stop the friction. Available in small through to extra large, these will help just about any rider in any condition.