Oneal tie downs are some of the best in the business. As with all products that fall under the Oneal brand category, these things are as reliable as a Saturday arvo with the boys. With a range of different colour options available to suit whatever coloured machine you ride, you actually can't go wrong. And believe us when we say this - you certainly don't want things going wrong with your tie downs when you're hauling down the highway at 110km/h, or your most prized possession (apologies to the missus) might be going for a dirt nap of its own.

A 1.5" wide nylon webbing used on the straps packs a serious punch, ensuring stability and reliability throughout the life of your new tie downs. The secure anchor hooks have a safety latch with a unique closing design to ensure they don't go on walkabout whilst in use, and the industrial grade buckle is stronger than Weston Peick's gym session before round 2 with Vince Friese. Trust us when we say, these are some of the best MX tie downs you can get your hands on, and with such an affordable price point, that Add To Cart button is looking more enticing by the second.