The Oneal Sierra 2 helmet is for the true minimalist or for those wanting to keep their Mrs happy regarding how much shelf space your gear takes up. This helmet combines two helmets in one for the smart consumer who doesn't like spending money on an extra bit of kit that isn't necessarily necessary. This intelligent bit of head protection mashes together two of the best sports in the world - offroad and on road motorbike riding. Whether you lean more towards one or the other, this helmet has got you covered on both bases, and we're certainly not biased as the reviews and feedback on these helmets speak for themselves.

This helmet is a favourite among riders who love riding through the windy countryside roads, but don't mind an offroad trek through some harsher terrain all the same. The great airflow of an MX helmet makes for a comfortable ride on a hot summers day and the closed helmet road racing design makes winter riding a breeze. For an excellent quality dual-sport, feature-rich helmet take a look at an Oneal Sierra 2 helmet today and don't forget to take advantage of the MXstore free shipping!