Oneal PeeWee Armour will give you that extra peace of mind when your little ones are racing around the track or shredding it through the trails. Let's face it, motocross is a dangerous sport. We see kids as young as 2 years old throwing a leg over their first dirt bike and as scary as that is, its a reality we must face. Kids have an invincible mentality that often sees them hurting themselves more often than we'd like and unfortunately, some of these injuries can hinder them for the rest of their lives. The best thing you can do for them if they have a passion for motocross is to pad them up as much as you can with quality MX kids body armour that'll protect them in the event of a fall. As much as bubble wrap seems like a good and cost-effective option it is unfortunately not very practical. Oneal PeeWee armour is much more comfortable, breathable, and protective than a sheath of restrictive and sweat producing plastic. 

The Oneal PeeWee armour range is a super affordable option to keep your kids safe and when you consider the amount of peace of mind it offers you, its worth its weight in gold. With a range of MX kids elbow guards, knee guards, and chest protectors, there's everything you need to give them the best possible start in their moto endeavors and minimize the risk of incurring any injuries. With a range of colours and sizes on offer, you'll be sure to find something that the little ones will froth over. 

The Oneal kids PeeWee knee guards range are well worth the investment. Take it from us, your knees are not something that you want to injure. One of the most complex and complicated (if things go wrong) joints of the body, the knees are one of those body parts that when injured, keep coming back with a vengeance. The PeeWee knee guard range is a smaller design purpose-built for children aged 4 to 9. A super tough outer shell is impact resistant while the soft backing material prevents any chafing or discomfort. Ventilation is achieved through a perforated bio foam to promote airflow and keep your kids cool and comfortable. 

The elbows are another little nuance that are a fairly big deal if you take a hard hit. Often the the first body part to hit the deck when you take a tumble, the elbows are one of those parts of the body that you'll want to keep padded up. Elbow injuries can take longer than you think to heal and are easily avoidable with a pair of Oneal PeeWee elbow guards. They may sound like an uncomfortable bit of protective equipment but these things are constructed with flexible materials that move with the arm and doesn't restrict or hinder a riding experience. An air mesh shell and perforated foam give your child that airflow they will want in a pair of elbow guards.

Oneal Kids PeeWee chest protectors do more than just protect your child's chest. These things are designed to protect the chest, back, and shoulders with its injection molded plastic material on the shoulders, and a hard rubber pad for the chest and back. The perforated foam chassis contours with the body's movements and maximizes airflow to keep them cool and dry. 

If you're in the financial position to do so, we suggest purchasing all three together to not only give your child the best possible outcome in the event of a crash but also to save you money by buying in bulk. Check out the full range of Oneal PeeWee armour today and add a little peace of mind to your cart!