Although many at first were unsure about the legitimacy of neck braces when they first became a thing back in 2003 they have since proven themselves time and time again. Countless online reviews suggest that moto neckbraces have prevented many neck and spinal injuries with some reporting back that it saved their life. Despite the rumors, there have been no recordable deaths due to a rider wearing a neck brace. You can read more about it in the MXstore neckbrace buying guide but if you don't feel like opening a new window then open your mind to how valuable this bit of riding equipment is. With motocross being such a potentially high impact sport when things turn south its no surprise that 60% of all fatal spinal injuries were that of the neck. Such horrifying statistics was the driving force behind the creation of the neck brace and why it is now considered a 'must have' bit of safety gear to add to your kit. 

Renowned for their reliability and unsurpassable safety track record Oneal is one of the MX brands that realized the importance of neck braces and set out to deliver one of their best protective products yet. This intelligent piece of innovative technology protects against axial compression, hyperflexion, hyperextension, and lateral hyperflexion. Covering pretty much every angle your neck can possibly have a potential impact on this bit of gear will literally save your neck. Not only will it prevent injury and potentially save your life it will also save you some pennies being on the affordable end of the spectrum that we have all come to expect from Oneal racewear. You don't want to be that guy or gal that is riding along when complacency decides to kick in and 'neck' minute you're wishing you'd bought a neck brace. Add a bit of peace of mind to your cart today and ride with reassurance around your neck.