Oneal boot spares are a great option if you're MX boots a bit tired and worn and need some major attending to. You could just throw them out and buy a new pair, or you could save hundreds of dollars and replace a part or two with Oneal's extensive range of spares to have your boots in tip-top shape and ready to race. Not only is it unsafe getting around in broken boots but it can drastically affect performance and slow you down. 

With an extensive range of parts and accessories including replacement boot buckles, replacement toe caps, boot buckle kits, boot strap kits, and strap and buckle kits, you'll be sure to find a spare to fix your banged up boots. 

Check out the full range of Oneal boot spares today and get your boots performing at their best so that you can do your best. Don't forget to take advantage of our free and fast MXstore shipping!