Oakley tear-offs are a top-quality selection of tear-offs to have you seeing super clear and optimizing your vision to be like that of a hawk or a buzzard. As much as it would be cool to morph into a bird of prey to maximize your eyeball capabilities when your riding at high speeds on the track, its so far proven to be humanly impossible. The next best thing that we've come up with to take its place are Oakley goggles. Oakley are the pioneers of eyewear technology and their MX goggles are continually leading the way as the best players in the field. However, no matter how much money you invest to have the best possible optics, it all goes to waste if you've got mud, roost, and dust clouding up your vision. This is when Oakley tear-offs come into play. With just one quick pull of a tab you'll pull off laps worth of grime and vision-obscuring debris off your lenses, letting your favourite pair of Oakley goggles do their job for you. 

Oakley tear-offs are available for Oakley Airbrake goggles, Oakley O-frame, Oakley O-Frame 2.0, Oakley Mayhem, and Oakley Crowbar goggles. Coming in a range of different pack sizes and tints, you'll be sure to find the perfect MX tear-offs for your Oakley's! Check out the full range today and see clearly again in an instant.