Oakley sunglasses are not just your average pair of sunnies. Oakley are the pioneers of the eyewear industry and set the benchmark for what we define as premium quality optics. Oakley is unmatched in every way and are continually leading the way with their technological advancements that keep astounding us every year. When you look through a pair of Oakley's your world seems brighter, crisper, cleaner. You can see more, do more and feel more. The world just seems...better. Athletes rely on it, weekend warriors love it, and everyday people can't go without them. Oakley holds more than 800 patents, having developed more lens technology than any other eyewear brand to date. 

When you're in the market for a top quality pair of MX sunglasses, Oakley should really be up there in the number one position of what to check out first. We don't want to sound biased here, but these guys really know their eyewear, having been producing industry-leading sunglasses for the better part of half a century. The lenses that you'll find in Oakley sunnies are more patented than Elon Musks space rocket*, and technology-wise they're definitely not far behind something now floating through Jupiter's asteroid belt in outer space. Integrated technologies such as High Definition Optics®, Polarized®, and Prizm™ technology all come together in one remarkable package, delivering optical brilliance that quite simply can't be beaten. Check out the full range of Oakley sunglasses today for the ultimate experience for your eyeballs.

*Accuracy of this statement is completely unconfirmed. We slipped this one in there purely for comedic value purposes and because one of the owners of MXstore loves Elon Musk. Here's hoping he'll stumble across this one day!